How to affiliate your working equitation club in Victoria with ANWE Vic Inc.

Steps on how to affiliate: 

  1. Download all the forms below
  2. Read the information about insurance for your club 
  3. Your Club needs to supply between 2 and 4 delegates who form the general committee for ANWE Vic Inc. Their role is to attend 4 annual meetings by phone link up - plus any other special or urgent meetings and communicate information to their club 
  4. Your club elected ANWE Vic delegates or President / Secretary are to sign and return the MOU on behalf of your club
  5. Each member of your club must register and pay their ANWE Ltd Levy of $10.58 to receive their National ANWE Member Number. Visit https://www.nominate.com.au/Clubs/RegistrationInformation.aspx?CID=81    
  6. Once your club application has been received by ANWE Vic. - You will be contacted by the ANWE Ltd. Victorian Branch Club Support Officer Andrew Simms - info@andrewsimmshorsemanship.com   - if you have an queries regarding your affiliation - contact Andrew.